Calculating Office Space: How Big Should Your Company Headquarters Be?

When it comes to sizing modern office suites in cities such as Greenwood, there really is no straightforward method. Most of (if not all) the time, an agent from full-service leasing companies, such as ZZONE 31, will ask you about your requirements in terms of square footage. By doing so, the agent hopes to get a relative measurement of which properties fit the bill just right. Why is proper sizing of an office space important?
The answer is simple. If you lease too much space, your company’s cash flow will be soaked up by hefty rental rates and under-utilized space; lease something too small, and the company’s growth can be halted. If company growth gets stunted, relocation might be required prior to the lease’s end, which wouldn’t be cheap or logical.


Finding the Right Office Space for Your Business: Some Handy Tips

Starting a business is already a monumental undertaking on its own. Yet, it still has its own surprises in terms of asset acquisition. Case in point: office space. Finding the right office space has become one of the most (if not the most) important tasks that any company in Indianapolis or elsewhere faces. This is for good reason: leases are often short, and the search for office space itself is a process which most people likely have little to no experience with.
So, its been established that the office space search is tough. While it does radiate difficulty, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. One simply has to have enough knowledge about things that matter. For example, the location should be taken into great consideration. The gist behind this is simple: companies must seek a location, which is easily accessible to both employees and clients.


Sick Building Syndrome: Do You Need a New Office Space for Lease?

Have you noticed many of your employees getting sick frequently? Do some of them look stressed throughout the workday? Are you starting to get sick yourself?

If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then chances are all of you are affected by sick building syndrome. Most people are unaware that there is such a thing, many would merely dismiss the symptoms as effects of stress. There are times, however, when the problem is not the nature of the job, but the office suites themselves.

Employees who experience symptoms like frequent coughing, dizziness, shortness of breath, pneumonia, occupational asthma, anxiety and fatigue may be affected by this syndrome. What makes it difficult to detect is that symptoms vary for each employee. One may experience dizziness and fatigue only, while another employee in the same building may suffer from skin rashes and coughs.


Find Out How Commercial Office Suites Can Influence Your Business

An office isn’t just a place to work; in many ways, it represents your brand. Your office is a physical and visual example of what your business offers or what it could achieve. Think of it this way; if you are asked to imagine what the office of a creative design company looks like, how would you visualize it? You’ll probably be thinking of colorful walls, and modern interior design with some big computer screens, right? How about a law firm? Perhaps books, wide desks with piles of papers, and open laptops equipped with the latest programs?

Cubicle Layouts

The sad reality is many office spaces don’t really reflect the business. They only consist of numerous cubicles that are tightly packed together. Studies point out that these cramped cubicles are not only very dull, but are also unhealthy.


Greenwood Office Suites Can Help Lawyers Establish Their Practice

Law practitioners often require a place where they can operate efficiently and with the least amount of hassle. At the same time, a lawyer’s office should have an air of orderliness that conveys a sense of professionalism and efficiency. In an article for the Divorce Discourse blog, Lee Rosen says leasing space in an office suite complex would be a good solution if the lawyer only needs one room to work in and another to securely talk to clients.
Some lawyers in Greenwood, IN, may be concerned that operating out of a shared space will not make a favorable impression on clients. Many seasoned law practitioners say, however, that this fear is unfounded. In fact, shared space could be the best solution for a lawyer looking for a home for his practice without expending unnecessarily high overhead costs.


Renting Indiana Office Suites: The Best Option for a Growing Business

For startups and self-made entrepreneurs, it’s a dream to finally have a space that will define the business you worked so hard to build. After all, what kind of small enterprise businessman doesn’t want to expand and move on to greener pastures? While there are some advantages to working out of a home office, such as being closer to your family, there will come a time when you need to move out and start looking at Indianapolis office suites for rent from companies like ZZONE 31.

You Need Extra Space for Work

An expanding business needs space for it to grow not only metaphorically but literally as well. When your work grows and begins to take over other parts of your home like your bedroom, the living room and the basement, it’s definitely time to move out.


Commercial Office Suites in Indianapolis: 3 Spatial Considerations

Renting a full-service office suite can be a cost-effective solution for your business, especially if you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve already been looking at some places that are conveniently located, where transportation is not a problem and the price is just right. However there are a few other things you really need to consider such as whether the space has functionality and can accommodate your business’ needs both current and future. Contacting a leasing company such as ZZONE 31 when hunting for professional commercial office suites in Indianapolis can save you a lot of time. Keep in mind these three essential spatial considerations:

Size Does Matter

It wouldn’t be a very smart business move to rent out a space that you won’t be using to its full potential. You’ll be paying for space that you simply don’t use. Many business owners end up in this situation when they are anticipating growth in the coming years.